Veterans at Coupa


Hear From Cynthia

Cynthia Moore, Senior Director of Engineering Security and Operations, recounts her military experience. 

Hear From Q

Q Farrel, Senior Value Solutions Consultant, speaks about our military onboarding program and careers at Coupa.
Onboarding Programs
Coupa is hiring exceptional veteran candidates for a program that increases their skills and provides them with a career path in today’s world of cloud solutions. Utilizing Coupa University and training tools like A Cloud Guru, Pluralsight and online certification sites, the training program is designed to develop the knowledge and skills needed for positions within Coupa.

Coupa’s FedRamp Authorized solutions are:

Targeted for government agencies.

​​​​​​​Require U.S. Persons staffing, that may include some level of security clearance as well as other requirements for which veterans have already been vetted.