Veterans at Coupa

We have opportunities available to build and support your career. 
We are Coupa Strong.
Onboarding Programs
Coupa is hiring exceptional veteran candidates for a program that increases their skills and provides them with a career path in today’s world of cloud solutions. Utilizing Coupa University and training tools like A Cloud Guru, Pluralsight and online certification sites, the training program is designed to develop the knowledge and skills needed for positions within Coupa.

Coupa’s FedRamp Authorized solutions are:

  • Targeted for government agencies.
  • Require U.S. Persons staffing, that may include some level of security clearance as well as other requirements for which veterans have already been vetted. 

Hear From Fellow Veterans

I  will never regret serving in the military— learning valuable skills, sacrifice, and serving 
something greater than myself. 
I am greater than I was before I joined. 
The lessons I learned continue to serve me in my corporate and personal life, and as a leader.
Cynthia Moore
Sr. Director, Security Engineering & Ops

I am so very thankful and proud of our veterans! TYFYS!

Jeremy Linkletter
Contingent Workforce,
​​​​​​​CCW Hub Solution Specialist


I will always say my proudest moments outside of being a mother has been being a United States Soldier.

Natalie Cedeno
Sr. Director, HR

Sgt. 11th ACR Cavalry
(Blackhorse) Regiment

Matt Caffiero
Director, Mid-Market Sales

To my fellow veterans, thank you for your service.

Trisha Cavanaugh
Critical Situation Support Manager

Naval Intelligence PO3

USS Independence

Jeffrey Kane
Sr. Account Director, Enterprise Accounts 

E-4 (Specialist)
HQ, Co, USAG Aberdeen
Proving Grounds, MD

Gerald LazanisM
Manager, Technical Support

We Live and Breathe
Our Core Values

At Coupa, our culture is founded on our people and their commitment to our core values. We value authenticity, a bias for action and personal and professional development. 
Bradley Pitter
Talent Acquisition Manager
Ensure Customer Success
Obsessive and unwavering commitment to making customers successful.
Yael Steinman
Talent Acquisition Manager
​​​​​​​Focus On Results
Relentless focus on delivering results through innovation and a bias for action.
Stefani Germanotta
Talent Acquisition Manager
​​​​​​​Strive For Excellence
Commitment to a collaborative environment infused with professionalism, integrity, passion and accountability.