Employee Success

It all starts with our people. We believe in hiring the best and letting you do your best work. 


At Coupa, we take a very philosophical approach to how we support employees and it all starts with our inverted organization structure. We flip our employee structure upside down, meaning we support our employees, not manage them. This is core to our culture philosophy and we do everything we can to foster an entrepreneurial spirit among every single employee. Because of this, we prioritize employee autonomy and accountability. This has made the transition to remote work over the past year has been seamless. Check out some of the programs we offer below.


Coupa Core

We offer our employees a multi-session virtual series that helps new joiners learn why our values are so important to us, how they guide how we work together, support one another and our customers.

Coupa Colors

During company onboarding, all Coupanions take a self-assessment to learn about their communication style and how to better engage with the Coupa Village. Coupa Colors enables teams to work together seamlessly so they can focus on results for our customers.

Coupa Edge

We offer on-demand training courses for our employees through an e-learning portal called Coupa Edge. We believe in Striving for Excellence in our L&D offerings and solicite feedback from our Coupanions to understand how we can continue to learn and develop the tools to support their individual success.

Manager Development Program

We also provide a multimodal dynamic program is designed to uplevel the competency and consistency of managers across the entire Coupa Village, creating a common language and a strong manager community.

Resilience Training

We know that changes can cause many uncertainties. Our Resilience sessions are very much rooted in our cultural philosophy of support. Courses on Navigating Change and Resilience help our team members lead with resilience, understand and assess the impact of change, and inform managers of new ways they can support their teams. ​​​​​​


We take care of our employees with competitive compensation packages that include company stock options, comprehensive health benefits for employees and their families, and a work environment that's tailored to individual needs.

Health and dental
We provide employees with a variety of insurance options dedicated to the well being of themselves and their families. Insurance options include Health, Pet and Life Insurance.
Unlimited vacation
Family Support
We help families prepare for the changes in their lives. These benefits include preparing for the birth of a child, caring for elderly family members, transitioning back to work, and participation in Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). 
Legal Assistance
We assist employees with finding firms who can council on life decisions, such as creating wills, transferring property, or buying a home.
Student Loan Assistance
We aid employees with support in furthering their education by teaming up with local providers and offering monthly stipends towards student loans.
Yoga and Meditation
Employee Assistance
We support employees with access to top rated emotional support clinicians, work-life solutions, legal guidance, financial resources, and online support.
Weekly catered meals
We offer employees discounts on Goods and Services through partnerships, which includes reduced cost on gym memberships, food services, rental cars, telecom services, and more.


At Coupa, Community is important.
Employee Resource Groups (ERG) support employees in bringing their authentic self to work and speak up on topics that enrich our culture. 
All Coupanions are welcome to join ERGs whether they identify as a member of the community or as an ally. We also encourage our employees to particpate in local events that impact the cities and communities they live in.

Our LGBTQIA+ community that advocates for equality and fairness so people can be their true selves.
Unlimited vacation
Showcases the Impact of Women in Business and serves as a hub for women to learn and grow in their careers.
Strives to uplift voices of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) through leadership development.
Coupa Cares
Works to address urgent and ongoing needs by providing numerous volunteer activities and an annual global volunteer day.
Yoga and Meditation
Seeks to drive engagement and action to have a positive impact on the environment globally and within our local communities.